Sunday, February 3, 2019

Do you fighting fraud while doing fraud?

Hello everyone. Amazon's related Twitter account provoked the victim by tweet again.

This culprit is Amazon Web Services (@awscloud). It seems to be an account that has useless advertising tweet only. All Twitter accounts related to Amazon are so.

Let's read the problem tweet.

AWS is how @Mastercard is fighting fraud. "New products, including NuData’s universal identifier, utilize machine learning with Amazon Sagemaker to identify multiple users within one account by increasing the lifespan of the device-based intelligence."

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! FIGHTING FRAUD!? Do they think that they can fool their customers saying they are using the latest technology that is unknown? Why do not you solve a customer's problem even if you have time to introduce such garbage-like technology?

This fraud company still does not reply to my email or tweets. In other word, they keep my thousands of dollars and hundreds of products.

AWS is how doing fraud their customers and sellers? Do you fighting fraud while doing fraud?

Thank you for reading my complaints. I will write again.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Did Jeff also receive the A-to-Z Guarantee Claims?

Hello everyone. Do you know A-to-Z Guarantee Claims? This is a word that Amazon sellers dislikes very much. Because customers can exercise this right very easily, they may not even know this name.

This is a way to ask the seller for a refund if the customer has not received the order item or there is a problem with the item. I think that this is the right to exercise unconditionally within 3 months from the delivery date of the item.

If the customer exercises this right, Amazon will request a reply from the seller. It's OK. True sellers prove delivery by presenting tracking numbers and so on.

However, I experienced terrible case many times. It was completely customer misunderstandings. I presented the tracking number. But Amazon says. "The customer did not receive the item. I issue refund from your sales proceeds. You need to provide a valid tracking number to the customer".

The customer later said that the item had arrived. Of course I informed Amazon about this for have the claim withdrawn. But Amazon said. "I understand your feelings, but we will never overturn matters once decided".

WHAT? Feelings? NO! That is a fact. I certainly shipped the item with tracking number and the customer received the item as planned. It is a problem caused by customers misunderstanding and Amazon made a decision too quickly. However, sellers who are victims are treated as perpetrators and are punished. This is Amazon.

It seems that the principal who made such a defective system received the A-to-Z Guarantee Claims. His name is Jeff. He was discovered by photographers in the scene of secret meeting with a mistress in October.

His wife seems to exercise the right of A-to-Z Guarantee Claims this January. Yes. She certainly has that right. Because it is within 3 months from October.

I think that she got a large refund from Jeff. But it is supposed to be only half of his wealth. Hey Amazon! Sellers are forced to make a 100% refund by A-to-Z Guarantee Claims. Why in Jeff's case is half?

Thank you for reading my complaints. I will write again.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Is Amazon proud to have employees with minimum wage?

Hello everyone. Compliance with the law is great. But I think that it is not something to boast about. Especially large corporations are obliged to obey and responsible the law.

I have found a tweet with Amazon Policy's official Twitter account (@amazon_policy). The sentence is full of pride.

Last fall we announced the new Amazon $15 wage for all hourly employees in the US. Today we applaud the introduction of bills to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. Thank you @BobbyScott @RepStephMurphy @PattyMurray @SenSanders for your leadership on this issue. #RaisetheWage

Great! Great! Great! Amazon had guaranteed all employees a minimum wage of $ 15 ahead of the US government! I have never seen any more pride thing!

Hey Amazon, did you feel good now? Is pay $15 to employees big news than pay $69 billion to a divorced wife? Yeah, there are no other people who comply with the law as much as Jeff does.

By the way, when will you pay the minimum wage for me? Strictly speaking it is not a salary. Just my money. That is thousands of dollars and hundreds of products you unjustly robbed from me.

Your boast is the same as a murderer proud "I did not ignore the signal." How long will you not change that embarrassing policy?

Thank you for reading my complaints. I will write again.

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